dana H., Director of Operations, Tech Tutor

Dana has spent the last decade working professionally in Training & Development, and is certified in ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Foundation. She has been a PC user for over 15 years and specializes in helping beginning and intermediate users get the most out of their PCs and Google apps.

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I was never the typical girl growing up with dolls and wearing pretty dresses.

I always wanted to play with remote control toys (the only Barbie toy I owned was a Barbie RC pink corvette…without Barbie), Atari Star Command & Asteroids (remember those?), and anything else tech related. I would get jealous of my brothers whenever they got the latest headphones / radio / insert-gadget-I-wanted-here.

In 2004, I moved to Ohio and was given the opportunity to work at a global financial organization with very little experience. I discovered the joys of processes and data analysis as I learned and absorbed as much knowledge as I could, from running check sorting machines, to account reconciliation, to producing spreadsheets.

My tenacity paid off and I was given increased responsibility at my job, including traveling to and supporting processing centers in Texas, Ohio, and New York. I was also tasked with providing virtual trainings to teams across the globe, and did so for next 10 years.

As much as I loved my job, I felt there was more to life than waiting for my pager to go off. I moved to Arizona in 2018, and after helping my parents with their tech devices, I realized that my greatest desire now was to use my corporate training and IT skills to help everyday home users like my parents.

To this end I provide workshops for basic computer information and Google apps (do you know how to schedule a Gmail message to send later?), as well as how to create a formula in a spreadsheet or turn a word document into a PDF!

OK, I’ll stop nerding out now. My dog Max is starting to give me side-eye.

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