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Solo Tech Tutoring

Choose this option if you are a solo home user, two home users who share one computer, or a "Solopreneur" who needs tech guidance and help.

Team Tech Tutoring

Choose this option if you need more than one person to be able to receive help from our tech experts -- we can function as helpdesk for an entire team!

Assistant & Tech Tutoring Teams

When we pair a Virtual Assistant with a Tech Tutor, you get an "insta-office" that can give your business the "Jumpstart" it needs.

services offered in Denver

Mac Help

We help home users with a variety of issues with their Macs, including software updates, understanding your Apple-native apps, and making your devices sync with one another flawlessly.

iPhone / iPad Help

The iPhone is the most popular smart phone worldwide, and so it is a subject we help on often. From knowing what to buy, to how to sync and backup, and just how to get the best use out of your device -- we've got you.

Help with Cloud Services & More

The other frequent areas we help with are Backups, purchase recommendations, cloud services (including Google and One Drive), and a variety of email issues. We can even help you with your peripherals, like printers and bluetooth speakers!

24/7 Device Health Monitoring

When you subscribe to our services, you will receive DHM Monitoring -- a complimentary service designed to let us know if your computer is ailing in almost any way. From malware to failing batteries to full hard drives -- we get the alerts and let you know when you need to make a fix.

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Highlands Ranch





Wheat Ridge

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