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Doug has spent the past 15 years helping students at the UW School of Art Tech Lab, exclusively on Apple devices. He is also a highly-trained professional photographer. He lives in Seattle, and also loves making music for fun.

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Originally from Bethesda, MD, I have lived in Seattle since 1992. I received my BFA and MFA in photography from The University of Dayton and Ohio University, respectively. Though my strongest attraction growing up was to cameras and photography, I’ve always been drawn to gadgets of all kinds, especially in regard to how they work.

My first encounters with computers in the early 80s didn’t inspire me, as I am fundamentally a visual person. Green text on a black screen was awful to look at. My attitude towards computers did a 180º when I first saw photographs displayed on a Mac in the early 90s. It would be 1998 before I owned my first Mac, but I knew soon thereafter that I wanted to work with Apple devices for a living.

I took some classes in web design and Photoshop, and in 2004 I took a job helping a Seattle area photographer transition from analog to a Mac-based scanning and digital camera workflow. This specialization led me to the University of Washington where I worked in the School of Art for 15 years.

At UW, I taught digital imaging workshops and supervised the running and maintenance of the School of Art Computer Center, in addition to building their website. I also helped faculty, staff, and students with technology issues. I’ve recently moved on from that job into another position at the UW as Photographer and Print Shop Lead in Health Sciences.

I also have a long history of making music, including playing saxophone and my own hand percussion instruments (which I built). While making and tinkering with things has been my prime directive for 35+ years, the last 22 years have kept me busy with my wife Julie, son Skyler, and daughter Shelby.

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