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Do you need an extra set of hands at the office? We’ve got you covered. Our Virtual Assistants can get your social media cranking, screen job candidates, answer your phones, help schedule client meetings and more? See our FAQ for more about our team can help yours. Choose a plan that fits the number of hours you need in a month.

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Gold Plan: JOT

24 Hours / Month
$ 1129 Per Month
  • 22 Hours Virtual Assistance
  • 2 Hours Tech Tutoring (IT Services)
  • Computer Health Monitoring Included
  • $47 / Hour
best value

Silver Plan: JOT

12 Hours / Month
$ 619 Per Month
  • 10.5 Hours Virtual Assistance
  • 1.5 Hours Tech Tutoring (IT Services)
  • Computer Health Monitoring included
  • $52 / Hour

Bronze Plan: JOT

6 Hours / Month
$ 359 Per Month
  • 5 Hours Virtual Assistance
  • 1 Hour Tech Tutoring (IT Services)
  • Computer Health Monitoring included
  • $60 / Hour
Virtual Assistant: hourly rate

For initial work or for small issues, just pay as you go. Call or text (360) 712-0445 to make an appointment, or schedule one yourself right here!

$65 / hour


Explore our most frequently asked questions about Team Tech Tutoring and Virtual Assistance, and our answers.



We offer two different types of help: Tech Tutoring and Virtual Assistance. Tech Tutors can help you with all your devices and training on software, and Virtual Assistants can help with almost everything else! 

See our PDF flyers on Tech Tutoring for Teams and Jumpstart Office Teams for more info.

These packs are designed to provide around a month’s worth of services. If you run out of hours before your month is up, you can renew early, upgrade to a higher plan, or just pay for your overage by the hour.

The Computer Health Monitoring helps us keep a constant eye on your device. We receive alerts when you have malware, a full hard drive, a dying battery, an outdated Operating System, and many other checkpoints.

If Digital Helpmates receives a critical report on your system, we will let you know so you can schedule with a Tech Tutor or fix the problem yourself.

Yes and No. Having a pre-paid pack of hours entitles you to book with any of  Tech Tutors for IT help. You don’t even need to ask — we provide you with their calendar links.

However, you may only meet with the Virtual Assistant assigned to you, as we have carefully predetermined their available client capacity. Plus, sticking with the same VA ensures  your job will be done to our highest standards, as we require them to train with you for at least an hour when they begin working with you.

Yes! We can help anyone on your team one at a time, and pull from the same subscription. 

Contact us for team trainings and working with groups.

Yes and No.

Any unused hours at the end of the month will automatically roll over into the next month, up to one full term’s worth.

However, if you discontinue with your Jumpstart Office Team, any unused hours will expire at the end of your subscription.

You may cancel your monthly subscription at anytime, with no longterm commitments.

Yes, unless you cancel it on or before your monthly renewal date.

Yes, you may pause your plan for up to four months at no charge, if you are traveling or need to take a break for any reason. If you need to pause for longer than that and don’t want to lose your hours, it’s just $10/month.

Still have questions? Let us help.