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Computer Tutor Steve instructs a woman on her iPad.
Computer Tutor Laura listens to a client describe her problems.

Welcome, Lenny's clients!

Digital Helpmates has partnered with Lenny Neimark to offer the same quality technology help he has offered to his clients. We’ve been offering Tech Tutoring help since 2015, and we are ready to help you, too!  

We help individuals and businesses manage their technology through one-on-one assistance, wherever you are. We screen share with you and can even control your devices (with you present) to keep your tech challenges at bay. We even offer the same computer monitoring services that Lenny offered his clients, so you can be sure your computer is as healthy and virus-free as possible.

Below are links to our different services we offer to home and business users. Please feel free to check them out, and book a call with us if you have further questions. Don’t miss the FAQ sections at the end of each page.

We’ve got you.

With our personalized, teaching approach to providing help with tech, there’s never been a better time to master your devices. Look below to see what we offer.

Computer Tutors for Home Users

Choose this option if you are a home user or "solopreneur" looking for computer coaching.

Computer Skills Training For Businesses

Choose this option if your business team needs computer coaching -- we can function as helpdesk for an entire team!

Remote Admin Assistance

Create a Jumpstart Office Team! When we pair a Virtual Assistant with a Tech Tutor, you get an "insta-office" that can give your business the "Jumpstart" it needs.

trust us to help you.

trust us to help you.

FREE Top Ten Tips e-Book (for Mac & iPhone)

Some of our very best tips for our beginning and intermediate Mac / iPhone users. Content includes: Quick Search, App Switcher, Control Center, Siri and more.

Emma, a Computer Tutoring business client in her 30s, smiles at the camera.

“Digital Helpmates has been a game changer for our small business. The education that DHM has provided our employees makes our business run smoothly and efficiently.”

Emma A. (attorney)

Happy Clients

Computer Tutor Laura helps a woman in her late 60s on her iPad.

“I have been a customer for as long as its inception and I’m back in control and confident with myself now.”

Kris D. (Small Business Owner)

Woman with grey hair smiles at camera.

“I really enjoy working with Doug. He’s so calm and understanding.”

Janice M. (Retired, Mac User)


Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the services Digital Helpmates has to offer.


We offer help with technology to home users AND small & medium sized businesses. We can help with almost any tech issue that a traditional IT department can help with, AND we also like to teach you how to become better at using your computer and other devices! 

A partial list of what our Computer Tutors commonly help with: Email issues, passwords, Microsoft Office training, Google Suite services, Mac and iPhone resets, basic WiFi issues, cloud storage, WordPress and websites, printer issues, purchasing decisions, PC optimization, and much more.

For info about how we can help your business, download our Tech Tutoring for Teams flyer.

For more about our Virtual Assistants and what they help with, download our Jumpstart Office Teams flyer.

We price our services competitively so we can offer consistent help — not just when it’s an emergency. You can get tech help for as low as $89 / month.

It depends. If you are located near any of our US-based Team Members, you may be able to get in-person help. We deduct time from your pre-paid balance for it takes to drive to your location, one way.

Absolutely. We use trusted screen-sharing platforms that only stay connected as long as we are on with you. We do not offer remote access to your devices without you being present, however.

When you purchase a pack of hours, you will be assigned one primary Team Member. We find that you get the most value out of remaining consistent with the same person.

However, you are welcome to book with any tutor on our list whenever you like!

Some of our tutors do work on weekends / after hours. Each Team Member sets their own schedule, so check with us if you are wanting after hours services.

Each tutoring session is by appointment only. At this time we do not offer on-call services, but you can almost always find availability with a tutor within 1 business day.

No, however our Tech Tutors are highly skilled and will know when a device needs repair or advanced help from an IT professional.

We vet and work closely with local computer repair shops and service providers, and can help you find the specialized help you need so you can move on with your life and business.

Still have questions? Let us help.