Selina B., Virtual Assistant

Selina works as a remote or in-person Admin Assistant with our Jumpstart Office Teams program, assisting a variety of clients with all things office related. However, her skills also extend to photography and social media (she was recently certified in Social Media management!). She has a lifelong love of learning, has attended SUNY Orange is certified in social media marketing through online courses. 

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I have always been multi-passionate. When I was younger, I was asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” My answers changed from actor, to veterinarian, to FBI Agent, to Sturge-Weber syndrome specialist (helping those like me), to baker, and ultimately, to a traveling photographer. As you can see, I have interests in a lot of things — all stemming from wanting to help others.

So who says I have to only choose one passion? I love learning! It helps me to be a versatile person. It also keeps me engaged in multiple topics, otherwise I’ll get bored.

Being a Virtual Assistant is a perfect example where all my skills work to my advantage. Why? I deal with many clients and they all have different needs. If I can relate to them through my varied experiences, the better I can serve them. 

Becoming a VA was a huge goal of mine since my fiancé is in the military. Having a military lifestyle isn’t easy when we’re constantly having to relocate, especially when trying to maintain a job. Plus, being a virtual assistant keeps things interesting and exciting. Best part is, I still get to travel and bring my work with me, which means I can live wherever life takes me, and still do what I love to do every day.

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