How do I test my internet speed?

What’s the easiest way to check my internet speed?
Sometimes we suspect that our computer issues are due to slow internet speed. Especially in these days where more people are attending work and school online, it’s good information to know!

Of course, there are third-party apps (read: not made by Apple or Microsoft) that can help you do this. But you don’t need to download a new app — all you need is a new Google search page!

How to test internet speed:

  1. Open in any web browser.
  2. On the search field in the middle of the page, type in the words “Speed Test.”
  3. Click the blue button that appears in the first search result (see image below).

(The results will be shown in Mbps, or Megabits Per Second.)


Now, to interpret these results:

Less than 5 = very slow speed, restart your computer and modem first to try to fix.
5 – 20 = Acceptable for most applications, including streaming video from one device.
More than 20 = You should be able to stream video and music from multiple devices easily
More than 100 = Now you’re cooking with gas! You can do just about anything, including multiple Zoom meetings, streaming video games, etc.


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