CONVERSATIONS ABOUT CLOSETS (Podcast interview by Erin Keam)

Laura is a state certified teacher, professional Mac/Apple user for over 20 years, and full-time tech coach since 2015. She specializes in helping people have a healthier relationship with their technology. 

Topics covered include: Individualized solutions, slashing bills, melodrama and the safest passwords ever.

About Erin

Erin Keam is a Clarity & Confidence & Closet Coach with her own insightful, fun and unique Method developed from her years spent in media, retail, marketing, TV & film production, real estate, copywriting, sales., the self-development field and a passion for fashion.

This Method, which provides instant insights and lasting results helps you uncover your vision, create an action plan, gives you accountability and cherishes you along the way with cheerleading and celebration. You’ll also discover your inner closet via exploring beloved possessions in your home to find personal themes and create a one-of-a-kind Style Statement. This “aha” experience will transform the way you get dressed and positively impact your closet, business, career and life as well as the way you show up IRL, on camera & social media.

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