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Does your team need help with computer basics, getting up to speed on your software, migrating from PC to Mac or other tech issues? Perhaps you need an extra set of hands at the office to help fill the gaps? See our FAQ for more about our team can help yours. Hours are accrued all at once for maximum flexibility (even with monthly plans).

FREE Journal and metal stylus pen on your first Term!

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DHM Monitoring / Monitoring+

Looking for an "emergencies only" plan? Find out more about our standalone DHM Monitoring or Monitoring+ plans. (Included in all Gold, Silver & Bronze plans seen above).

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For initial work or small issues, just pay as you go. Call or text (360) 712-0445 to make an appointment, or schedule one yourself right here!

$179 / hour


Explore our most frequently asked questions about Team Tech Tutoring and Virtual Assistance, and our answers.



The short answer is: Yes, in certain areas.

See our “About Us > Locations” menu above for all the places where we can see you in person.

For everyplace else, we use the Zoom platform to meet and even control your computer.

With  remote help, you also save on travel time — keeping all your purchased hours for what you want most: Help with your technology!

We offer two different types of help: Tech Tutoring and Virtual Assistance. Tech Tutors can help you with all your devices and training on software, and Virtual Assistants can help with almost everything else! 

See our PDF flyers on Tech Tutoring for Teams and Jumpstart Office Teams for more info.

You accrue all hours at once, even when you choose to pay monthly. You can use them anytime during the six-month Term. If you run out of hours before your term is up, you can renew early or just pay for your overage by the hour.

The Computer Health Monitoring helps us keep a constant eye on your device. We receive alerts when you have malware, a full hard drive, a dying battery, an outdated Operating System, and many other checkpoints.

If Digital Helpmates receives a critical report on your system, we will let you know so you can schedule with a Tech Tutor or fix the problem yourself.

Yes! Having a Team Tech Tutoring plan entitles you to book with any of our Virtual Assistants or Tech Tutors.

This is especially useful for businesses who have varied needs. You can leverage the strengths of our entire team to get your challenges solved, and we communicate behind the scenes so everyone is up to speed on your projects. 

If you’d like to explore working with other team members, just reach out and we’ll get you started!

Yes! With a Team Tech Tutoring plan, we can help anyone on your team one at a time and pull from the same pool of hours, all under one subscription.

Yes, after six months, if you choose to cancel your subscription.

If you choose to continue with your subscription, you may roll over up to one full term’s worth of hours.

Yes, unless you cancel at the end of your Term. We will give you at least one warning email before your  Term renews to remind you of your opportunity to change or cancel.

Yes! If you are traveling or need to take a break for any reason, you may request a one-time complimentary extension.

This is a good way to extend your expiration date if you know you can’t use the hours for a specific period of time.

Your subscription renewal or cancellation date will simply be pushed forward by the amount of time you need.

Just email or call us with your request for the amount of time you need and we’ll take care of it.

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