1. Has the right to be served by their technology, not the opposite.

2. Has the right to enjoy the use of their devices and to simplify their lives.

3. Neither runs away from a digital life, nor is ruled by it.

4. Believes that learning to use technology is not an end unto itself. There is always a purpose.

5. Prioritizes their loved ones, passions, businesses and creative endeavors — not their devices.

6. Believes in their own ability to learn, grow, understand, persist and succeed.

7. Knows that phrases like “I can’t” become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

8. Understands true learning takes time, effort, and repetition.

9. Trusts they are capable of finding the solutions to their problems.

10. Believes in their ability to attain dominion over the technology that exists to serve them.


A mission is what you stand for. At Digital Helpmates, it’s how we choose our tutors. It is what our tutors do, and also what our tutors do not do. We aren’t computer “geeks” or “fixers,” we aren’t obsessed with technology, and we know how to communicate and teach everyone, at every level of learning. 


We strive every day to be more of a Digital Boss. We strive to teach you how to become one, too.

Our culture

Our History

Digital Helpmates began in 2015 with Laura Moynihan’s concierge-style tech tutoring business. Soon, she realized that providing affordable, regular tech tutoring to the masses was not possible all on her own. She began 2020 with the goal to scale her business to reach more people — and Digital Helpmates was born! Our team of Tech Tutors continues to offer one-on-one help, and Laura is now teaching courses in her new role as a Tech Coach.  

Our Vision

To make getting tech help as common and vital to people as having a housekeeper or landscaping service.


Our Values

Our most important value is integrity with our clients. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of honesty, and we do what we say we will do.

Our Mission

We help people use technology, and we use technology to help people.

Our Diversity

We value inclusivity, and we strive to reflect a similar diversity in our tutors that we see in our community.

Our Goals

We best serve our stakeholders and clients by offering highly personalized tech help and never automating the human element out of our business.

Our Team
Our team

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