1. Has the right to be served by their technology, not the opposite.

2. Has the right to enjoy the use of their devices and to simplify their lives.

3. Neither runs away from a digital life, nor is ruled by it.

4. Believes that learning to use technology is not an end unto itself. There is always a purpose.

5. Prioritizes their loved ones, passions, businesses and creative endeavors — not their devices.

6. Believes in their own ability to learn, grow, understand, persist and succeed.

7. Knows that phrases like “I can’t” become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

8. Understands true learning takes time, effort, and repetition.

9. Trusts they are capable of finding the solutions to their problems.

10. Believes in their ability to attain dominion over the technology that exists to serve them.


A mission is what you stand for. At Digital Helpmates, it’s how we choose our tutors. It is what our tutors do, and also what our tutors do not do. We aren’t computer “geeks” or “fixers,” we aren’t obsessed with technology, and we know how to communicate and teach everyone, at every level of learning. 


We strive every day to be more of a Digital Boss. We strive to teach you how to become one, too.

Still have questions? we love those!