SAM S.,  Tech Tutor

Sam Sutherland is an in-person and remote PC Tech Tutor at Digital Helpmates. After serving in the Navy for four years and working for the University of Tennessee, Sam moved to Washington looking to help people with their technology and other electronic doodads.

Sam's Bio

I built a career grounded in technology and service, starting in the United States Navy and continuing on to the University of Tennessee.

Beginning as a Help Desk Technician in the Navy, I provided technical support for ship systems by troubleshooting and fixing issues

After my first deployment, I became a Help Desk Supervisor and led a team to ensure the smooth functioning of naval systems. My leadership skills and technical expertise earned me a Navy/Marine Corp Achievement Medal. One more deployment later, I advanced to System Administrator. I fixed naval networks onboard  while most of my shipmates were sleeping.

After leaving the Navy, I joined the University of Tennessee as a Data Center Technician. I managed servers, helped students and alumni reset passwords, and ensured the efficient functioning of the university’s technological infrastructure. I brought a unique blend of military preparedness and discipline that his peers and supervisors admired.

I now hold the position of In-person (in the Kitsap area) and remote PC Tutor for Digital Helpmates. I love teaching and helping people with their computers, tablets, printers, routers, and much more. 

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