Arianna, Virtual Assitant

Arianna has many years of experience in CRM databases, financial reporting, budget development, donor relations, office management, and event planning. 

arianna's Bio

A fun fact about me is my family has the initials of T.E.A.M. and, yes, that was intentional! Teamwork is one of the tenets of my life, from the way my family operates to how I work with clients and co-workers. 

I graduated from WSU (Go Cougs!) in 2008 with several awards and honors, but unfortunately, the recession was in full swing, and it was difficult to find work in the local non-profit sector. While that wasn’t ideal, it worked out beautifully when my husband’s job offered us the opportunity to travel domestically and internationally for months at a time.

During one of our stretches back in Washington, I met Laura when she hired me as the first employee of a start-up food co-op. I loved working with our Member-Owners and the board to make that dream a reality.

My next stop was the Bloedel Reserve, where after an interview for one position, I was offered a job in a different department, where I had no experience! But my future boss saw my potential and was willing to put in the time to train me in the intricacies of financial reporting. 

Since leaving the professional workforce to become a stay-at-home mom, I’ve continued to hone my organizational and professional skills! I’m part of a group of individuals who are starting a children’s museum in our local community. I’m also very active in school PTA and community theater.  In fact, it was at a PTA event when I ran into Laura again and she introduced me to Digital Helpmates!

I love that this job allows me to continue to do the things I’m passionate about in my community, work with amazing clients, and continue to travel. My skills vary far and wide, and I know how to make my work count in the most efficient ways.

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