Smart Watches for Android Users

Although we tend to feature Apple products in our tech tips, we do have some clients that are Android phone users. If you are one of them and considering the purchase of a smart watch, this article written is for you!

A smart watch is one of the devices that works in conjunction with your smartphone, and there are two very strong contenders you may want to consider: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the new Google Pixel Watch, available for sale for the first time on October 13, 2022.

The Samsung Galaxy 5 Watch ranges from $279 to $499, depending on the features and watch face size (40mm vs 44mm). The Google Pixel Watch comes in between $349-$399, but only comes in one watch face size (41mm).

Both have a round face, versus Apple’s signature square watches.


The Pixel has practically every Google app built-in, while the Galaxy only has Google Maps, Gmail and Google Assistant.

The biggest differences between the two (besides the price) is the Health Features. The Pixel has an Emergency SOS system, sleep tracking, and soon fall detection and blood oxygen sensors are coming. (The oxygen sensor is built in but not yet activated.) Not coincidentally, these are also some of the features people love about the new Apple Watch 8.

The health features of the Samsung Watch 5 include an already established blood oxygen sensor as well as apps for fitness, sleep, blood pressure and heart rate which also makes it again, a good competitor for the Apple Watch features.

Overall, the Samsung 5 watch seems like the better device, but if you are a Google Pixel fan then it’s still a great choice. Just understand, with the launch of any brand new products there are going to be bugs and flaws that established products don’t have.