Pet Tech Tips: Photos

Tech Tips for Cats (or whichever pet you purrr-furr)! This month we are focusing on the best ways to get those furbabies (dogs included!) to shine on camera.


Tip #1: Keep it clean. The most obvious tip. Make sure your camera lenses are clean! A microfiber cloth is the best method, though Apple recently said that you can gently use a Clorox wipe as well.


Tip #2: Make Them Pop! On your iPhone, you can remove or blur the background using Portrait Mode. Try the “Stage Light” filter within Portrait Mode to replace the background with dramatic dark lighting that keeps your pet center stage.


Tip #3: Smart Search. On an iPhone, you can do a search using the word “dog” or “cat” and it will bring up photos that match that description. Yes, your iPhone can recognize animals and other simple descriptors. Play around with it!

Tip #4: Tag Your Snaps. You can always tag your photos with a single word to make it easier to find later — for instance, when you want to make an album of a person, pet, or event.


Tip #5: Use Live Mode: On an iPhone, always use Live Photo. This captures the first few seconds before and after you take the photo, creating mini videos out of every shot. Later, you can go back into Edit and choose the shot from the Live Video that catches them at their best.

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