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 “Apple Guru Added to Graphic Communication Advisors Group.”  What They Think.

Pismo Beach, Calif. – Laura Moynihan, a professional teacher and technology tutor has been added to the Raymond J. Prince Graphic Communication Advisors Group (GCAG).Moynihan is owner of Digital Helpmates LLC in Bremerton, Washington; a referral agency matching skilled technology tutors with home and business users who need them. Moynihan and her team of tech tutors provide tutoring on Mac, PC, and mobile devices of all sorts. The tutoring takes place in person or remotely. Users can purchase tutoring hours in packs of 5 or 10 at a time, or subscribe for smaller amounts of tech help, classes, and instructional videos made by Digital Helpmates.

Training During the Pandemic Harvey Levenson, who manages the GCAG (https://hrlevenson.wixsite.com/gcag), said, “Laura Moynihan is a logical addition to our group. With the pandemic lingering, online training will likely continue for months to come, and even once the pandemic is behind us. Adding Digital Helpmates to our list of esteemed advisors offers an important service for individuals and companies alike.”Moynihan said, “Providing individual software instruction to home and business users is an increasing need today, and has not been met well by existing companies. Struggling users have historically turned to friends or family members for free help, or limped along by themselves. Digital Helpmates solves this common challenge with highly personalized, affordable help.”

Mentoring and Computer Software/Technology With degrees from Pepperdine and Dominican Universities, Moynihan began her career in 1996 in graphic design, magazine/catalog publishing, and advertising. In 2006 she expanded her career into teaching and earned a California teaching credential and then taught at high schools in the Bay Area. In 2015, Moynihan decided to combine her two skills, teaching and computer software/technology, into what has now become Digital Helpmates. In addition to running Digital Helpmates, Moynihan continues to mentor on Mac and iOS devices, with clients ranging from home users to businesses. She instructs, guides, and provides the “injection” that rapidly converts home novices or people new to the graphics industry into competent users. Since starting her own business, Moynihan has become adept in the more digital aspects of marketing and design, including social media, eBooks, video production, and more.

About the Graphic Communication Advisors Group The Raymond J. Prince Graphic Communication Advisors Group (GCAG) is a group of specialists and experts accessible to the printing, publishing, packaging, and related communities. The group provides fresh, outside perspectives representing a broad range of experiences and a long-term commitment to all facets of the graphic arts industries. Many of the GCAG consultants and practitioners are industry’s “household names” and best-known managers, technologists, scientists, researchers, authors, and Expert Witnesses. They bring the power of their deep expertise and problem-solving acumen to bear on training and solving difficult problems.

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