Scam Watch: Your Computer is Infected


A loud noise. Strange images. Your computer is freaking out — but you shouldn’t.

Some “Your Computer is Infected” Scam Examples:

This type of attack is called Scareware. The “fake virus” scam succeeds when the user allows remote control of their computer.

Scareware can come in the form of a text, phone call, or a message which pops up on your computer (sometimes with a loud “siren” noise). All will say your device has been infected or is broken in some way, and you need to call to fix it.

They usually claim to be from Apple or Microsoft. But beware, they can also come from other legit sounding tech companies who will disappear once they have your bank account information.

How to Avoid this Scam:

If this happens, call a legitimate, trusted tech expert (like Digital Helpmates) to verify if your device is actually infected.

Shutting down your browser and/or computer and rebooting the system are some ways to get the Malware to go away until you meet with your tech expert, who can help clean your system.

The best way to prevent fake tech support scams is to use a pop-up ad blocker to avoid pop-ups on your computer, and to make sure your antivirus software and Operating System are is up to date.

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